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that encompasses all the changes before you and the next action item is for the fiscal year 2013-2014 and to solidify the policy items for today. i believe that is it for me. >> thank you. >> good morning mr. chair and commissioners. thank you so much for having me today. i am marian [inaudible] and with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and it's an informational item but we are interested in your feedback because we will come back to recommendations which you have the opportunity to adopt ultimately in the five year -- in the next five year pyp. so first just to give you a little background about traffic calming. as was mentioned physical measures to reduce speedos our city streets. this has a benefit in livability in the neighborhood, making it a better place for people to walk and bike and live and shop but it does have a real impact on safety. we know vehicles traveling at 20 miles per hour versus 35 miles per hour are less likely to cause a severe injury when a collision takes place, so this is something we have through the traffic calming program is r
of the january 15th, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes? >> okay. there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> without objection? >> excuse me. let's open it up for public comment on the minutes. all right, seeing no public comment on the meeting there is a motion to move and accept the minutes. without objection. >> so moved. >> so. madam clerk, number three. >> recommend authority sizing the executive director to execute memo of agreement with the san francisco department of public works for the preliminary engineering services for the 19th avenue transit streets bulb outs projects in total amount not-to-exceed $120,000 and authority the executive director to negotiate the non-material terms and conditions. >> good morning, and i am in for chester fung who is on vacation, i am here to discuss the bulk out. i want to give you history because it has been a while since we have been in front of you. it has been the subject of significant improvements, for example, in may of 2008, the transportation plan was adopted and since then, signal up gr
proposed at that location. in addition to the hard changes that we have made in the construction documents, and we have had the architect as they were required under their contract to incorporate a number of bid alternates, which will provide us with flexibility as we move forward to the award of the individual trade packages to make the decisions if additional cost containment measures are needed. and these are just a sampling of the measures that are included. a lot of them have to do with the architectal features of the building and the finishes of the building while preserving the programattic needs of the center. in aggregate between the value engineering and the deductive alternates there is more than $100 million in cost reductions that we have been able to make to the construction estimates and that is above and beyond the $100,000 that i mentioned before that the program was able to save by constructing the transit center in a bottom up approach with the (inaudible) ramp. >> before you move on to the rva. >> i just want to check in and see because there that was a lot of informati
. the balance of risks is changing. the crisis is worsening. we are entering that new phase. cracks in iran, western countries and their arab friends -- >> in rome, western countries and their arab friends are building up one side of support. it is dangerous and unpredictable, but slowly and steadily, the world's most powerful countries are being pulled into the syrian civil war. the west is deepening its involvement with the syrian opposition, not just with political figures, but also with men who have taken up arms against the sr regime. regime.st the assad the next phase has not happened yet, but they have taken a significant step toward it. >> for more on the significance of this announcement and the effort of the opposition in syria, i'm joined by the bbc's and panel. he has reported extensively within syria. thanks for coming in. what does this offer of food and medical supplies mean to the rebels? >> i think, very little. the state of america's new policy is to try to persuade president as dogbane to change his mind could i do not think anything here implies that. -- to. assad to cha
doesn't change everything? it-it doesn't change us. maybe you're right. maybe i... don't remember how to be close with somebody. but can you look me in the eye and tell me that you don't still have feelings for... (both sigh) she still loves you, vincent. maybe you need to find out if you still love her. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> a major break in that violent shooting and car crash in las vegas that killed an oakland rap artist. after a week on the run, the prime suspect is arrested. >>> horror for a woman standing with her child quite a distance from the shooting that killed two santa cruz police officers. she's hit by a stray bullet. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. those stories in a minute. a wild fire is right now burning out of control. voluntary evacuations are in effect south of rancho larupa regional park. the fire broke out just after 4:00 this afternoon. it spread from ten acres to 50 in an hour threening homes and buildings. right now, it's only 20% con
. >> the oakland first friday art festival starts with changes after the deadly shooting of a high school senior. businesses and organizers are discussing ways to improve safety. the event starts at 5:00 and ends at 9:00, an hour earlier. extra police and private security will be on patrol. the size of the venue has been reduced from a dozen blocks to five blocks. performances are focused around "healing." >> the fremont police department has announced plans for a gun buyback program march 16. a donation by a private citizen allows them to host the buy back for residents and will be held at the fremont fire training facility on stevenson boulevard. the money to be offered was not provided and the police department will release more information about the event next week. >> new details about the latest person charged in the murder of a millionaire. our media partner, the "san jose mercury news" reports a 33 year oat katrina fritz was a main girl among a string of prostitutes. documents show that the cell phone records show she and her brother were in contact with each other during the home invasi
records by the sabotage of a public forum at the common wealth club by changing the title, the panelists and the title of the meeting. the rpd was unhappy that the citizens with different points of view in the rpd's official policy were going to speak at the common wealth club. the topic was to discuss what was called the golden gate park under siege. commercializing, and in particular, they were trying to build a artificial turf soccer field at the beach shalet. >> i think that miss ballard working on behalf of mr. ginsber wrote a letter to curtis and asked him to change the meeting. she says, basically, she goes on and asks, she tell us and says that the allegations as stated in mr. baoel's april 25th e-mail to you today i hope that this collar ... clarifies i will send you a copy. i want to read to you who the panel is for, here quickly, one was former director of spur, he was to be the moderator. i think that you may know him. and another one hartwig a published author on the historic preservation and she has a phd under the national trust of historic places with 370,000 members. kat
from the agency to make the change a policy change, a permanent change. and thank you very much. >> who would have thought that ten years after the sunshine ordinance was adopted we would be arguing over a legal term called attachment. the plain reading, the ordinary reading that any person would get would mean the inclusion in the body of the minutes. and that is what the public probably understood in 1999, when it adopted the sunshine ordinance. the concept is attachment is really a legal concept and it is actually said as attached hereto and incorporated herein and we don't get that i think that it is quasi legal ordinances in. the government guide is an unsupported comment from the city attorney, there is no opinion, there is no justification for it and it is not worth the sense that it is written on. if it were, supported with some legal basis, of case law, differently. different results. it is the task force's job to determine these issues, not the city attorney's. that is what it is there for. it is the determinations are enforcable. the fact that mr. herrera has repeatedly poked
for those reports, at least for the time being. germany's governing coalition wants to change that. i of their draft laws passed, search engines would have to pay fees to publishers for using their reports. >> we want journalists and publishers to get paid enough for their work. the internet is really efficient, but the content that people search and save does not just right itself. >> the opposition says the draft law is too vague about what search engines would have to pay for. the draft law says search engines would not have to pay to show snippets of articles, but they would if they publish full articles. however, it does not say what a snippet is. the greens said opposition is also strong outside parliament. >> german journalists and the freelance journalist association are against your bill, and so are well-known constitutional law professors and basically every copyright expert in the country. >> many net experts in the government are also skeptical about the bill, but the government has the numbers in the bundestag, so the bill passed. it is however expected to meet resistance
, as a three-term senator i'm wondering how much have you seen a change in d.c. since you left office? >> well, when i ran for office the first time in 1978, my primary and general election campaigns cost $26 million. jon corzine won in 2000 which was over a decade ago, spent $63 million. >> john: that was just the buffet. >> much of it his own. >> john: i guess citizens united united is assigned the culpability in this. but it seems like it was going on to a great -- >> oh, yeah, citizens united just turbocharged what was the problem. that $318 million i'm talking about from the finance industry didn't come because of citizens united. citizens united is super paced. these are institutions that make contributions through their own pacs and individuals and money and then visit a congressman or senator and talk about an issue. from my standpoint lobbyists are often very helpful. they bring information. you have to break the link between the lobbyist and money. and so let them off of their advice make their arguments but then an hour later, don't go down to the back room of the bar and get $10,00
of accountability. and should be everyone's. our first panel of witnesses will help us explore the changes needed. they are authors of separate essays. military application through the security administration. and the honorable gregory freed mono. i want to thank our witnesses for appearing today and the time they put in preparing their testimony. it's a labor. we do appreciate it. i have a longer version of my statement i'm without objection offer for the record. hearing none. it's ordered. i want to turn to my friend and colleague from typical, mr. jim cooper. any opening comments you may have? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i look forward to working with you and our colleagues on the important issues. i would like to ask and be with a shortness of the time that my opening statement be inserted in the record. >> thank you, sir. we're going to be calling for votes in awhile. we will dispense with a reading of your opening statements and submitted for the record. we will go straight to the questioning of the witnesses. the witness will be general austin. let begin the rounds of questions. and we'll
out. expressing my appreciation for the change in park rating score for the district ten neighborhood and also leave a statement of encouragement to continue moving that trend, moving the needle up. when i look at ten, nine, ten and eleven. these three districts have a lot of similarities not just in ethnic make-up and the economic make-up of the neighborhood, but, in park scores there are many things that we have in common, and rest rooms, cleanliness and supervisor campos and i are talking about a difference of 0.5, 0.5 percent. and so, it is so i guess that my point is that as you continue to focus on nine, you can see and continue to share love, not against anything against. >> we are going to be focusing on districts nine and ten and eleven. >> and four. >> and in case anybody else is listening, we are going to definitely focus on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11. >> you left 8 out. >> and 8. >> not the king of the parks themselves. >> but in all seriousness, particularly as we know the three of us rally around mcclarin park and the second largest park and that is important it touches a
counter the country's past stance but the prime minister says things are changing. >> translator: joining the new production system will help secure the stable purchase of this jet. >> reporter: his chief cabinet secretary said the change will benefit japan in many ways. >> translator: the participation in the production of the f-35 will nurture, maintain and enhance the technological expertise in defense equipment production. therefore, it will greatly contribute to japan's defense. >> reporter: japanese lawmakers brought in something called the three principles on arms experts in the 1960s. they essentially banned weapons exports to communist bloc nations, countries subjected to arms export embargoes under u.n. security council resolutions, and countries involved in or likely to be involved in international conflicts. exporting arms parts or technology to make arms was also in principle prohibited. some exceptions were made over the years for the united states. in 2011, prime minister yoshihiko noda effectively relaxed the three principles and allowed the joint development and transfer
of asking public comment be changed to accurately reflect the public comments by speakers and have that denied by the library commission i took to the sunshine task force and on january 25th, 2011 i received a letter of determination, 10054, from the library commission that they stated that in the minutes means in the body of the minutes. that is what the law says and the reading of it says that and that is what is ruled. >> in the case that we are actually talking about, which is the second case on here, which i then took or i asked for the library commission discussed it and said can we do this and mr. herrera said you can and the city attorney said that it is okay and they decided to discontinue and disregard the order of the task force. i then brought the case against specifically mr. herrera and under the facts and findings of fact and conclusions of law, the task force stated specifically that the task force further noted that the statement should be in the body of the minutes to prevent the public officials from unlawfully abridging critical public comment. >> at that point,
and park to intimidate people. he and others had every intention to cancel or change the format of the planned discussion of the golden gate to be held at the common wealth club, any e-mails were instantly deletes not because of the deep commitment to the record retention policy, but because ginsberg knows that the sunshine law requires disclosures he is not stupid. had it been true that the destruction was implementing the policy and this should have been stated to mr. wooding at the outset. the disclosure that there were once e-mails but they were indeed destroyed according to regulations would have led to the next requirement in the sunshine ordinance which is to assist in referring him to someone who could help him with his records request. miss gong should have referred him to the department of technology did recovering the deleted e-mails since her technology staff could not help. let us not kid ourselves mr. ginsberg attempted a cover up of an ill advised attempt to influence the private entity to have a open panel discussion about the development in the famous park and w
). >> (speaking spanish). >> but it will change, yes, of course if you do that. >> (inaudible). >> well, -- (speaking spanish). >> (speaking spanish). >> it's a type of plywood, so this one in particular -- yeah. >> (speaking spanish). >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish). >> in the language it's called dulo. >> (speaking spanish). >> yes? >> (inaudible). >> (speaking spanish). >> yeah. >> (speaking spanish). >> (laughter). >> yes. >> (inaudible). >> in the 16th century, about 1500. yeah. >> (inaudible). >> no. no, no, just you have to leave this room thinking we did not kill anybody for that. yes, you had a question? >> (inaudible). >> yeah. well, yes, there are -- in cities like the northern part and lima there are certain districts like -- certain ones and the capital and to the south of lima the district there and to the south almost border to chile there is a community that is unknown that we are doing research right now on it. yes, the value there and with chile and all of that area. yes? >> (inaudible). >> no -- you know what it is. it's a rubber stamp of the tube
to do more and do it faster to change the way medicare and medicaid pay for healthcare. how to boost the country's economy, we learned from economists the number one way to reduce healthcare spending is to end fee-for-service. everyone agree that fee-for-service drives volumes, excesses, and waste. we know this encourages the wrong things. that's why healthcare reform changed incentives to providers. and medicare and medicaid are testing different programs to determine which work best. in october, medicare rolled out a program with a simple yet revolutionary premise. medicare is going to pay hospitals to get the job done right the first time. the hospitals are penalized if patients are readmitted too soon after being discharged. communities from montana to maryland are rising to the challenge. in miss sue los angeles montana, the local earth is partnering with medicare on care transitions. under the program, patients at reaction of readmission will get extra help making the transmission from the hospital back to the community. today we'll hear about data showing significant first ste
superviser chang. she is the vice chair, correct. >> this meeting will come to order, welcome my name is cohen and to my right is chang to the right is supervisor campos. and the crowd goes wild. thank you, thank you very much. >> madam clerk, i want to thank sfgtv and thank you for making us look beautiful and sounding smart. please silence all cell phones and complete any speaker cards to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the committee clerk and each member will be allotted the same number of minutes to speak. the items will appear on the march 12, 2013 board meeting agenda unless otherwise stated. >> excellent. i'm so excited. okay, could you please call item one. >> item number one is a hearing controller office park maintenance report for fiscal year 2011 and 2012. and parks throughout the city. >> are there any opening remarks? seeing none let's begin. >> i am sorry, there is one, excuse me. >> good morning, everyone, so i just wanted to introduce hearing item that was previously introduced under supervisor chu it is a annual fee that was passed by voters in
change to the way that the cost of living increases are calculated. real dollars represent a cut over a time window. my chetheory is this is all a g in which they reduce the democrats into advocating the cuts to them so they can turn around and run against democrats for entitlements. this is what they did in 2012. the president came up with ways of cutting medicare and then what did romney do? they said look at their white house. this is what they have done every single time. and what they are trying to do is with their strategy of gridlock convince them that they are so dysfunction al that they get rid of it. >> they said the president won't tackle the entitlement program and he wants to cut medicare. >> and here is harry reid sniffing out the same logic that we saw in the republican alternative. that would have given the president more digression for the cuts. >> they said we are going to cut off three fingers. we want the president to decide which finger goes first. and that is about it. we have tried everything we can and they will not budge on anything. period. >> i have been goi
forward at that time with the staff's recommendation to implement this change in the feeder patterns between isa and everett. that was recommended to take affect for next school year, 13-14. the board of education asked the staff to sort of hold off on that direction. and take the time that was necessary to analyze factors like demographic projection, academic performance, a number of different things. and to come back and make a recommendation at a later date that was informed by more due diligence. so that's the history as far as what has happened with the board of education. one last point before i turn it over to dr. stevens to talk about work ongoing and looking at the options. is that we have seen present, not to say this will continue to be the case in the future. but at present the issues about capacity are being addressed adequately given the current demand for both daniel webster elementary school, bryant elementary school and isa. considering there is a large attendance area for daniel webster. it's the largest in the district. even so there is still enough space for the t
to the kind of warm magenta color and one change that we have seen that we need to add to the map is there is a 200 foot on the side of a parking lot on harrison. probably the best way to tell what this means is this match here, which shows, the changes in heights. so the biggest thing that jumps out is that the reduction in height that we are doing to probably over generously heights and those are going to be high heights, and so we just reduced them a little bit. taking away those, we can see a mixture of light, blues, pinks and moving to the darker colors, the darker colors are closer to the transit in the south west corner. and you know, even put more on the cal train station. so, any way that is what to digest, and you can show the amount of gray area and shown that we are not changing heights in all that many locations. we also have a higher height alternative that we will be studying in the eir and this was created to emphasize the key locations with the additional height and addressing the concern. and to also reflect the projects that have already submitted a project for
but that will be the last day of this kind of weather. how our pattern is changing a little bit later. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead at 4:00 ebay expanding its same day delivery service now, competing with amazon and walmart. >> former dn drks -- nba star makes new, high profile friends in north korea. >> coming up at 4:11 checking traffic. wow. downtown skyway is jammed in both directions. bumper to bumper left to right going to lower deck of the bay bridge. not much better for folks heading southbound. stay with us, more still to >>> san francisco symphony is mourning the loss of their principal oboist. he was the principle oboist. he collapsed saturday night, he was also an instructor at san francisco conservatory yeef music. >> technology news, not only are smart phones becoming smarter, but tougher, too. same sung will protect phones from malwear used to steal sensitive information from phones. there are some reports that it will have an option to keep business and use separate but contained on one device. ebay offering same day delivery service to san jose. that is one uping amazon's serv
. those budget cuts can be changed at any time. president obama will talk with the congressional leadership tomorrow. but he insists on increasing tax revenues. republicans say last month's tax increases are all that the president is going to get. so both sides are stuck. late today, the obama administration asked the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage in what is called a friend the court brief. the administration argues that denying gays and lesbians the right to marry violates their right to equal protection under the law. the court will hear arguments on this case next month. in a surprise today, army private bradley manning pleaded guilty to ten criminal charges in the biggest leak of classified material in u.s. history. manning sent files to the web site wikileaks. he still faces a court-martial on more serious charges. david martin is following the case. >> reporter: along with the guilty pleas, manning gave his first detailed explanation of why he did it. reading from a 35-page statement, the army private said he wanted the world to know the tr
is that there are certain times you can change people's minds. as a heart surgeon i don't have a lot of control what people do after the surgery. i've already done my work and they are on their way. i long ago pledged i would never operate on smokers, and i don't. and i don't say that because i dislike smokers. i say because i care about them. but i tell them is when you come to see me if you don't stop smoking you obviously don't value this process we aren't going to go ahead. but i can work with you and we can get you to stop. now is our moment of change. i don't remember feeling in that endeavor. people don't realize the success rate for stopping is about 5% if you do it on your own, cold turkey. you can do it but it's 5%. if you use appropriate mechanisms including medications, it's closer to 45%. and smokers begin to think that it differently. the key message -- and i'm going to come back to this because it's important for us -- the reason they do this is because you need to care about yourself the way we care about you. that changes the dynamic of the message energetically people are hearing. it's no
francisco, and it is always changing, and the one thing that i am optimistic about, is in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s the family woulds live her their entire life and the children go to school here and generation after generation would stay in san francisco. and we had if there is not a tendency for people having to leave the city for work, i think that you will see more families staying and people staying through the whole generation and maybe that is optimism and cultural and economic diversety, i think that as the new jobs are created we create another economy, for support, which would address the concerns about people without college or high school educations, because you know, you have the entertainment industry, hospitality restaurants that are going to be neighborhood serving retail and all of these sorts of jobs, would be applicable, to that particular group, it comes to mind that project where we are not considering today, but the hotel on fourth street which will provide employment for a lot of people who will fit that category and it is just a small hotel, but any hotel that has th
, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breastfeeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. so...what do men do when a number's too low? turn it up! [ male announcer ] in a clinical study, over 80% of treated men had their t levels restored to normal. talk to your doctor about all your symptoms. get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. > i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. firm are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing!
both for small and large projects and whether there are creative ways we can recommend change in that area, and then finally revenue strategy. we're working on a revenue paper to identify and make recommendations on the revenue side, and yes -- >> sorry just to finish up. julie [inaudible] and thank you for the time and we anticipate coming back every month to meet the schedule. we are talking with chair avalos for a separate workshop and we apologize for not having the last few slides for you, but we will add them to your packet. these are important questions. we really seek your guidance -- sorry, you do have the hand outs, but we want to make sure we have adequate time to discuss these and perhaps look for a separate workshop on the topic. >> and maybe this isn't the appropriate time to ask this since we are workshopping it later. by the way this report was great and great to see the colors and the diagrams. i think you heard the exclamations from commissioners and i know that this is going to be a highly competitive plan but it's one of many tools we have to evaluate
court to strike down the ban as unconstitutional. the president once opposed gay marriage, but changed his stance during his re-election campaign. he said today he and the country have evolved. >> when the supreme court essentially called the question by taking this case about california's law, i didn't feel like that was something that this administration could avoid. i felt it was important for us to articulate what i believe and what this administration stands for. >> sreenivasan: 200 congressional democrats also filed a brief today urging the court to overturn the california ban. they join more than 100 prominent republicans who voiced their support earlier in the week. the justices will hear oral arguments in late march. a federal judge in california has cut a $1 billion damage award in the apple-samsung fight by nearly half. samsung will now have to pay apple just under $600 million for infringing on smart phone and tablet computer patents. the judge also ordered a new trial on some of apple's allegations in the case. wall street ended the week with small gains. the dow jones ind
choosing to move in our district even though there is no reduction in taxes. understand that these changes with those changes come tensions and i know we must deal with the serious exchanges that remain in public safety and street behavior. last friday the first class of our academy 43 new police officers will be hitting our streets. with 20 percent of them deployed out of the concern station when is responsible for patrolling six market. soon you will see no police officers in the neighborhood and community ambassadors and members of other safety agencies coming up the hub. our small end bayes's businesses the quiet engines who deserve every bit of support from city hall. that's why in 2012 he launched the initial to give small businesses help fill store fronts and incentives in every part of our city were we're seeing results who with the help of us opened up a new kitchen. or the other business owners who is helping to hire more veterans. and also last year the owners of happy bakery opened up their business after a horrible fire opened up again >> we should make it easier for business
change since 2008 when voters upheld a ban on same-sex marriage. young voters are leading the way. more than 3/4 of 18 to 39-year-old approve same-sex marriage. even republican support has grown to 39% in the past couple of years. >>> new tonight at 6:00, an article in the student newspaper questioning the relevancy of black history month sparked a rally today at san jose state. the rally ended up at the famous black power statue on campus. it was originally planned as a march to celebrate black history month. then an article came out in the "spartan daily" titled "black history month is redundant." students told us they were offended by the article. >> a lot of people try to argue racism isn't prominent in today's society. but it is because a lot of people feel a certain way about us being here and black history being taught. the fact it's not relevant. so just with that, it angered a lot of us. we felt like are we redundant? do people think our culture is redundant? are we fighting still for relevancy in today, 2013? >> in addition to the campus at san jose state, the article was disc
. >> thank you. >> brown: now to the conflict in syria and a change in the united states' role. ray suarez explains. >> the united states has decided that given the stakes the president will now extend food and medical supplies to the opposition including to the syrian opposition's supreme military council. so there will be direct assistance, though non-lethal. >> suarez: word of the shift in u.s. policy came from secretary of state john kerry in rome. the upshot: for the first time, humanitarian aid will be directly channeled to armed syrian rebel groups. the initial installment: $60 million. >> this funding will allow the opposition to reach out and help the local councils to be able to rebuild in their liberated areas of syria, so that they can provide basic services to people who often lack access today to medical care, to food, to sanitation. >> suarez: additional pledges are expected from ten other european and arab nations attending the rome gathering. but after two years of war in syria and more than 70,000 dead what the rebels most want are guns. so far, the united states has refu
we go from here. (applause) >> we change policy of the city. we change policy, and we start to be progressive, truly progressive about the policies we push to make african americans feel welcomed in this city. so, where do we go from here? we start to make aggressive efforts to educate our young people. we take ownership of our community. we take ownership of our children. we support each other instead of pointing the finger. where do we go from here? (applause) >> there is much work to do. as supervisor cohen and i cannot do it alone, we need your support. we need your encouragement. so, as we celebrate black history month, we need to reflect and understand and appreciate our history. it is a rich history, one that has made san francisco a great city. it is our time to shape the course of history as we speak by making a change in our great city. so, i'm going to be looking to you all in this audience to be advocates, to be supporters. where do we go from here? our time is now to change the course of history in san francisco. thank you all so much. [cheering and applauding]
could eat another bowl of noodles but maybe not today. it's 16 or more. i have smaller change. can i give it to you're in your hand. i pay you one coin at a time. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, so what time is it now? it's nine. >> ten, eleven. i see 16 more. i will come back same time. thank you very much. the clever man left the noodle shop. he saw the whole thing behind the wall. he gave the noodle man so many compliments and he was going to ask for this count so. he ask strange question. one, two, three, four, five, what time is it now? nine. ten eleven, twelve. why did he ask such a question. one, two, three four, five, what time is it now. nine, ten, eleven, this is the ten. oh, i see. that was the victory. i'm going to do the same thing tomorrow night. this man goes through all the change and went outlooking for the noodle shop. it was funny. last time i'm going to do the same thing tonight. i will give the noodle man so many compliments and use that where is the noodle man and shop, and there's a poor little noodle man for me. noodle man, noodle man? what
need to do a major exploration of the downtown extension. i don't want to short change that and solve the $214 million. >> i just i have a suggestion. first of all for a clarification, it is not an over run and it is not $214, it is $164.5 million. and there is we have a presentation on how we are going to meet that. but, we have i know that there are some constraints of the board members and some of them have to leave by noon. and so what we could do is with the concur ans with the board secretary and council, we have item number 9 is an action item which we do need to take because that is going to the sfmta board and we need to approval first, item number ten is another action item. >> i do think that we can take the action items that i don't think that is a problem. >> we can't take those. >> they did it already. >> okay. >> i think that we should take items number nine and ten today i don't think that they will be long. but we could continue item number eight although i know how hard the staff worked to get that presentation done by today. we may not have time. >> it is an informa
counsel, but we understand that could change as santa ana winds are expected to kick up in southern california with a wind advisory in effect until this afternoon. you can see flames are burning. when the pilot pulls out you will be able to see the fire trucks. 2,000 people are without power in southern california and the fire destroyed seven power poles. the fire has burned 150 acres since yesterday at 4:45. it is now 30 percent contained. the fire may have been sparked by downed power lines. >> thank you, katie. santa cruz police officers are going back on duty this morning for the first time since two colleagues in the department were killed by a man they investigated. cornell bernard is live in the santa cruz police station with the latest. cornell? >> the officers will be back on the job later this morning after several days of mourning the loss of their fellow officers. a memorial has grown by leaps and bounds with flowers and notes in honor of connective sergeant bump baker and elizabeth butler murdered on tuesday by jeremy goulet. we are learning chilling details about his p
for next year's tournament. now this report. team.y were in asia's top a lot has changed. persia arences of sliding. this iranian football great says arrogance, money, and mismanagement are to blame. >> some things have ended football suggest money and luxury cars. the players don't think about football for the national team. they think about what they will earn this year. >> he was part of the team that gave iran its first world cup appearance in 1978 and three asian cup titles. after that, iran never won the tournament began and now it's in danger of not qualifying for next year's world cup. analysts and former players say coaching selections are also to blame. >> last year carlos was recruited. brought him as a sedative to help. neither he nor for an iranian coaches work with players at domestic clubs and it's a serious problem. >> the disputes are public and have resulted in high-profile sackings and refusal to play in the past couple years. we're at one of the biggest matches on the calendar between archrivals. despite the condition of hearing in football, this match still brings ou
that will change the sky line and it will be adjacent to some of the tallest buildings west of the mississippi. these are the attributes that require employing the best practices, these are in large part, the fed spec, justifications, the metrics that when you build a building like this, form the basis for, enhancing the safety and security of the building beyond what you might otherwise do. so, why san francisco? you are the city of the golden gate bridge, you are the city of the transamerica tower and the great sports team and rail cars, but the executive director asked us to look at the future. what will san francisco be like when this transit center is done? >> that will have a new very significant building and a new very significant transit center and if you look at that when we are finished that is the new san francisco. >> this is a new downtown region. and so, what we are really talking about in the rva and what we are asking the design team to do is protect the final build-out. what was the tjfpa response to the request for the excuse me the rva. mention this safety and security part
and leave our possible either policy recommendations or a law change or guidance on how to be more effective or consistent about doing this. there are many things that won't be amenable to our suggestions, but i think that if we could just follow those through, we may find things where we can improve the underlying situation as we go through the specific cases. does that seem like it would be worth while? >> sure. >> i see the staff nodding so i am satisfied. >> okay. do any commissioners need a break? >> no? >> i think that we should go through the other individuals on that, while it is fresh in our minds. >> next, item on the agenda is... under 4 a, this is a under chapter two of our new regulations which provide the burden on the respondent. so i understand that miss ballard and mr. buel and miss gong are here? miss gong is not here? >> who is going to speak? >> okay, mr. buell, please? >> five minutes. >> mr. gooding is satisfied. >> i will use much less, thank you very much. >> let me say, first, that i think that you have a communication from the city attorney which pleads my innocence
coming around the other night but we have signs of changes but we are going to look at a great day ahead. lots of sunshine outside and well, temperatures going to be heating up today. in the the mid-70s going to be a possibility. starting out with some patchy dense fog toward the coastline and even in some of the valleys early on this morning. watch out for that, that's very thick. that big ridge of high pressure sitting overhead is compressing that air and putting it down near the surface. but this ridge will bring us lots of sunshine by the afternoon. these temperatures going to be something else. averages usually in the low to mid-60s. today way above the average. about 73 degrees in santa rosa. about 74 in san jose. and 67 degrees in san francisco. enjoy it! we have some changes coming up right in time for the weekend. maybe a couple of raindrops, too, liz. >> i got to enjoy today. i have to stay up this afternoon. all right. thank you. thank you, lawrence. outside you mentioned the fog. you can see it in some of our traffic cameras thi
of saying let's go and do something and discussing what objectives would change the world, would help, would make you feel good. i assume bill when he turns out the light at night looks in the mirror at the last second got to have a smile on his face. you think about what he and his wife have done over the years, not just with their money but being an example to others in leading. one of the programs we have is working a maternal health in tanzania, training high school graduates with no medical -- >> rose: this is bloomberg plan. >> bloomberg is doing this but it's the under the bill and melinda gates. people are learning cesareans. if you are in tanzania and you need a cesarean, you die. you got to be able to do better than that. in fact with the tanzanian government, because of the melinda calling, that's why it came to our attention and that's why we're doing it and she deserves a lot of credit for this. >> rose: you're the first to give her that credit. >> absolutely. a tough night -- >> rose: how is it the two of you working together. is it different you now have almost full time th
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of the changes in medicare advantage was to cut out that 14% bump that they had over and above medicare fee-for-service as a result of the 2003 prescription drug bill? >> before the affordable care act, we estimated that the plan average subsidies for about 14% greater than fee-for-service on average we estimate today in 2013 that difference now is 4 percent. to be phased out even further, many told us and i think told this committee -- >> is that 4 percent given the reductions that you've just announced or that you are planning to announce? >> that's current rates. so the 2014 still proposed, but on average we are paying 4%, so they reduction has been taken from 13% down to 4%. at the same time we have seen double-digit growth in the the plans we have seen double-digit decreases in the premiums. the quality is improving and that's a great sign that we can reduce the payment system to in some quality and continue to see growth in the program. we have proposed race for 2014 -- >> we are going to break away from the last few minutes of this program to take you live to an even at the center fo
blank . >> today, the obstacles have changed. but they posed the same challenge. it's up to us to continue marching forward. to walk in the footsteps of those who came before us. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >> show down. let's play "hardball." ♪ >> good evening, let me start tonight with this. my kingdom for a horse. how does barack obama escape? how does he avoid personal harm when the country rises up in anger? when the army and nay vil bases stop writing checks, when the airports seize up because the air traffic controllers have been shut. i have my suspicions. not everyone fears this. to the tea party, this is a party. it already is going on now. to the republican regulars, hey, this could work. it will make the squirrelies out there happy. feeding time at the zoo. and the democrats and president obama, how about this? would you rather you or them take some hits at the pentagon and some other program that is you could blame the republicans for or would you rather go out and sign onto medicare that hurts everyone. it makes it look lik
't know what to make of it. fitch and s&p says it's not changing the ratings here. >> yes. i think the white house is beginning to realize they overplayed their hands on this thinking the republicans would cave as they have in the past x and when they didn't, they were unprepared for it, and they are scrambling to say it's a long process, so if the world ends in a hundred years, it's because of that sequester. gerri: right, exactly. we're supposed to get news of the president signing this by 7 -- in the 7 p.m. hour, that's the expectation now, the new news, this hour, and i want to tell you, the devil's in the details; right, guys? >> yep. gerri: the architects of capitol hill, the architects of the capitol, that's the job title, saying there's no furloughs. if you were worried somebody else there would be laid off, you know, a maid, somebody cleaning the toilets, it's not going to happen. that is the good news. grover, to you. there was a meeting with the leadership that lasted 45 minutes. the last one lasted about seven minutes. is there going to be a coming together ever of the
, thousand -- not thousand, 500 miles, 400 miles. things are going to change, though. the latest model -- not latest model, next week, significant rain into the middle or end of next week. that is the big deal, the weather headline. besides warmer. this could break up and we could see a bit of rain coming our way. few high clouds out there, mountains as well. clouds again tonight. over night lows into the 30s and 40s. as you move into the afternoon, tomorrow temperatures warmer. current temperatures 67 fairfield. 69 antioch. 60 mountain view. 61 san jose. as we go into the next few days. next 24 hours, high-pressure system intensifies. the air is sinking. if you look at the coast, fog pressed down, it is because of the sinking air. coastal fog, not valley fog, making poor visibilities and creating a cool argument along the coast -- cool environment along the coast. when i come back, we will roll it forward and i will find you rain that shows up next week and the weekend is right here, how warm will it be? there will be changes. i will let you know what to expect. >>> a helping hand. th
understands nurses are dealing with a than wider range of issues.way. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at capella.edu. ya. alright, another one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... [ male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagen passat. pass down something he will be grateful for. good arm. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." another day, another billionaire ceo complaining about government regulation. meet fred deluca. fred's a pretty successful dude. he's the co-founder and president of subway restaurants. he's done quite well for himself. good for him. he's worth $2.5 billion. in 2011 subwa
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